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Tubize - Belgium

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Access Plan

Coming from the "East Ring" of Brussels (R0) or from Paris:

  1. get out at the Haut-Ittre interchange towards Nivelles, Braine-Le-Château, Ittre
  2. at the Stop sign, turn right towards Braine-Le-Château (N28)
  3. at the "Quatre bras" of Braine-Le-Château (set of traffic lights at the end of a long downward slope), turn left towards Tubize

Coming from the "West Ring" of Brussels:

  1. = 1'. get out at the exit 22 (previously 17) (Tubize-Waterloo direction)
  2. = 2'. take the Tubize direction (to the right, avoiding the traffic lights)
  3. at the "Quatre bras" of Braine-Le-Château (set of traffic lights), continue straight on towards Tubize

Common part for the two routes:

  1. coming to Clabecq, just before the "Brico GB" shop (being on the right side), turn left, towards Ittre
  2. continue about 2 km. At the slope top, third street right after the traffic circle, turn at the very right where 3 streets meet. The house is at the corner.

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