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The services offered by FloConsult concern modern technology, enterprise and software architecture, and agile practices migration and follow-up.



Company Location
A.W.Europe Braine l'Alleud
Banksys S.A. Brussels
BuSi Bruxelles
Cegelec S.A. Charleroi
DPEurope S.A. Brussels
Chirec Brussels
Dupuis S.A. Marcinelle
Fabricom S.A. Brussels
Fabricom-GTI S.A. Wauthier-Braine
European Community-DIGIT Brussels
GFI Benelux S.A. Wavre
M-Team (was GFDI) Brussels
IBA S.A. Louvain-La-Neuve
Q-Spin (was N-Tech) Belgium S.A. Louvain-La-Neuve
OPL Benelux S.A. Brussels
O.A. Group E.E.S.V. Hoeilaart
Parlement de la Communauté Française Brussels
People and Technology S.A. Brussels
PM Services N.V. Diegem
Saga Consulting N.V. Zaventem
Spacebel S.A. Liège
Software A.G. S.A. Brussels
SPF Affaires Etrangères Brussels
Sylis S.A. Brussels
Thalès Alenia Space Charleroi

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