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Reading and finding the right information play a large part in the OO technology acquisition and follow-up process.
The PDF documents offered in the first part are (extracts of) trainings or presentations we made, either in the presentation format, or as documents.
The annotated bibliography offers you a selection of books we found interesting, together with comments to help you selecting the information.


Document name Description Type Size
intro_tech_deep_learning.pdf A technical introduction to deep learning, from linear regression to deep convolution networks (2018). Document 17,2 MB
iterativeCeremonyDevelopment.pdf Article about how to solve the paradox of a high iterative process with high ceremony level (2008). Document 284 kB
practicalTaskBoards.pdf Article about combining Task Board and issue tracking software in agile development (2008). Document 228 kB
UT_Java_Eclipse_SVN.pdf This document presents an introduction to unit testing using the Java programming language and the Eclipse IDE. It presents the notion of unit tests, of stubs and of test suites. It also uses Subversion integrated in Eclipse as version management tool (2006). Document 806 kB
UML_and_UP.pdf This presentation presents the basic principles of the Unified Process for object-oriented Software Development, and underlines its combination with the Unified Modeling language. This is an extract of our training "Agile Development with UML" (2006). Presentation 447 kB
AgileDev_fromUCToOO.pdf This presentation focuses on the transition from Use-Cases to OO, presenting different UML diagrams that may be used, and OO design principles that may be applied to solve a software problem. This is an extract of our training "Agile Development with UML" (2006). Presentation 808 kB
BagHandling_OOCaseStudy.pdf This document presents a case study used in our training "Agile Development with UML", from the problem presentation to the UML diagrams. This allows understanding the different steps to be followed when solving a software problem using UML and OO Design (2005). Document 845 kB
Java_Introduction.pdf This presentation focuses on the basics of the Java programming language. This is an extract of our training on Java (2005). Presentation 677 kB
CORBA_Archi_Views.pdf This document presents the use of the 4+1 Views of architecture to study a CORBA architecture. This is an extract of our training on CORBA (2004). Presentation 430 kB

Annotated OO bibliography

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